Our team

The Hémisphère Web team is made up of two digital communication experts: François and Thomas.

A team organized around 3 core areas of expertise

To address emerging needs, our organization is structured around three areas of expertise:

SEA and social media agency

This involves understanding and defining editorial guidelines for your social media, managing your online reputation, and maximizing the profitability of your advertisements...

SEO agency

This team conducts extensive digital monitoring for Google updates and tool testing. Moreover, website audits are aimed at implementing the best tactics for effective search engine optimization.

Website creation agency

We specialize in developing highly efficient WordPress websites. Our preference for open-source solutions and data hosting in France or Europe underscores our commitment to balancing performance with cybersecurity.

Training center : we love sharing our knowledge!

François and Thomas are dedicated to delivering tailored and impactful training to our clients, including freelancers, communication managers, directors of communication, sales professionals, and individuals undergoing career transitions. We adapt our training programs to meet the unique needs of your company and employees.
In conclusion, our team is committed to embracing challenges for your company with enthusiasm and determination! It's probably due to our sporty and competitive nature, for those who know us well! 😉
Operating from Alsace and Luxembourg, we frequently serve the entire Grand Est region (including Metz, Nancy, Colmar, Mulhouse, Epinal...) as well as international clients in Portugal, Italy, Germany, and beyond..

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