SEO agency in Strasbourg

SEO agency in Strasbourg

Hémisphère Web is a SEO agency in Strasbourg. Specialized in digital communication, our agency relies on its SEO expert to improve businesses’ organic search engine ranking. Being in Strasbourg, in Alsace, is an asset enriched by French and European culture. Indeed, thanks to our audit and analysis tools, we assist both French and Foreign clients with local, national, or international SEO missions.

Regarding companies that already have a marketing and communication department, we will work closely with your collaborators (IT department, writers, marketing and communication managers).


The consistent growth of our SEO agency in Strasbourg in search engine ranking results Google (Source: Search Console)

From SEO audit to the implementation of Google's natural referencing strategies

Our company has specialized in digital communication since 2012. We have chosen not to pursue versatility, unlike larger agencies, but instead to specialize as SEO experts. This led us to operate in a freelance SEO mode while benefiting from our agency’s software and tools. Each year, we increase our investments to offer the best services available for our clients:

  • SEO Audit (technical audit, semantic audit, toxic backlinks audit, and link building)
  • Customized recommendations, action plan, and SEO advice 
  • Team supervision and collaboration with your marketing and communication departments
  • Monthly service provision to boost your rankings on Google
  • Local SEO
  • National and Francophone SEO
  • And multilingual international SEO

Our philosophy is grounded in pragmatism and practicality. We believe in testing our SEO methods on our own website first (CF Graph below regarding our visibility in Google SERPs) to ensure a SEO friendly approach. This allows us to clearly differentiate between “White Hat” and “Black Hat SEO” methods based on our objectives and clients’ requirements.

A digital agency specialized in local SEO and Google Maps

Optimizing your Google Maps listing and, more broadly, the SEO of your images and business is crucial for enhancing your online visibility.

With years of active engagement on Google Maps, Thomas, our SEO expert, has accumulated over 10 million views on his personal photos. His expertise leaves no stone unturned when it comes to mastering Google’s algorithm and harnessing the full potential of Google tools.

Exemple de progression de référencement local pour un restaurant à Strasbourg. Thomas GEHIN, notre expert SEO local, saura vous conseiller dans ce domaine.

Notre agence SEO à Strasbourg est orientée vers les résultats et la performance !

Notre agence SEO intervient sur le référencement naturel de votre Internet

International SEO Agency

As mentioned before, we have worked for several years on international SEO projects. It began with Germany, followed by French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland on behalf of a communication agency in Zurich. Since 2018, we have been assisting a Luxembourgish business in its development across Europe, including France, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Our international expertise and streamlined natural referencing processes enable us to spread our methods across all countries that use Google or Bing as search engines. In fact, this is what attracted a large German group to improve its keywords’ rankings in France.

SEO expertise for other search engines in Russia and China

International SEO for your website extends beyond Google, Yahoo!, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, or Bing. Indeed, it requires considering the specificities of each country. For instance, in China, prioritizing BAIDU is essential, whereas in Russia, YANDEX is the key player.

Our digital agency has experts both locally and in France to assist your SEO projects targeting Russia and China.

Our tools to help you reach top position on Google

In order to get all odds on our side, we invest in numerous SEO tools and continuously test new ones for audits. We leverage all available means to achieve a single objective: securing the top position on Google for your strategic words. 

In addition to our proficiency in setting up Google’s free tools (Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google MyBusiness), we use text analysis software such as SEObserver or SeoQuantum.

Position zero on Google: the cherry on top

The Holy Grail for an SEO expert is to reach the first position on Google. But did you know there’s something even better? Yes, it’s Position Zero. It is reached when the top search engine deems your content extremely relevant and responsive to the user’s intent.

To show our expertise as a specialized SEO agency in Strasbourg, here’s proof through an example:


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Thomas, our SEO expert, and François, our SEA expert, are here to assist you with your projects and requirements. Wondering about the best strategies for Google ranking? Curious about the time investment needed for SEO? Interested in understanding the pricing structure for SEO services? We’ve got you covered with answers to all your inquiries. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!