Our SEA expertise : Google Ads

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Alongside social media and SEO, integrating paid advertising, particularly through Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), offers numerous benefits.

Why rely on a Google Ads expert?

Turning to a Google Ads expert offers several benefits, such as:

  • getting visibility and recognition almost immediately: your website will appear on the top search results;
  • having the ability to implement an advertising campaign with a precise budget and monitoring its profitability through relevant metrics
  • effectively targeting keywords that reach internet users and defining a geographical search area locally, nationally, or even internationally;
  • being listed on the world’s most important and most used search engines and standing out from your competitors.

Optimize your online advertising campaigns now !

Contact François, your SEA expert – Google Ads for a free assessment of your situation. As a recognized training organization in web-related fields, our programs may be covered by your OPCO.

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