Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool used by the majority of websites to analyze and measure audience traffic. At Hémisphère Web, we offer training in this indispensable tool to help you enhance your website’s audience and performance..

Learn how to use Google Analytics !

Our webmarketing agency offers training on Google Analytics’ analysis and statistics tools. Dive into:

  • analyzing and visualizing statistical data;
  • collecting, managing, and importing data from websites, mobile sites, APIs, and notifications;
  • understanding customer and internet user behavior and needs
  • interpreting insights to improve website traffic, attract more visitors, and potential new users;
  • integrating data with Google Ads, AdSense and SearchConsole…

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for everyone (individuals or corporate) from all levels (beginner or advanced).

As a recognized web training organization, our courses can be covered by your OPCO or Pôle Emploi.

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