WordPress stands as the top CMS globally, with over 30% of websites on the internet powered by it. Learn in our training how to use WordPress: from account creation and version updates to theme and domain selection, hosting, and beyond. Dive into blog creation, comment integration, and extension mastery.


Learn how to create your own website

With WordPress, you’ll master the art of creating, drafting, and publishing articles. Our training is your gateway to initiating website creation (blogs, showcase sites, e-commerce, etc.), where you’ll uncover its functionalities and leverage the various tools (plugins, etc.) available to you.

Use WordPress like a true webmaster

Through our training, you’ll learn how to install WordPress, maintain regular publishing schedules, update content, and effectively manage your site’s maintenance.

Optimize your work time

However, if you want to optimize your time and boost productivity, our team can also take care of your website's development entirely.
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Who is this training for ?

Our training caters to all audiences (individuals, businesses, agencies):
advanced / proficient level.

As a recognized web training organization our courses can be covered by your OPCO or Pôle Emploi.
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